What would you do if you had to kill the very things you're trying to protect? Find out in Hardcore Cave Painting!

Hardcore Cave Painting is an infinite survival shooter. Your goal is to keep your townspeople alive for as long as possible against the waves of enemies bombarding your town. Unfortunately, your only method of protecting the town is by using your ink gun, which can only be loaded by sucking up your own inky friends for ammunition!

Prevent your town from dying out to the hideous beasts as they attempt to stomp you into oblivion!

Suck up your friends, shoot down your enemies, paint the ground and keep your town alive!

The Player

This is you! You have a magical ink machine strapped to your back, guaranteed to turn 1 townsperson into 4 deadly shots!

Move with WASD, and aim using the mouse. You can shoot using the left mouse button, and vacuum up townsfolk to fill up your weapon using the right mouse button.

You can also drop through bridges by pressing 'S' while on top of them.

Shooting the walls or floor will leave ink blotches on them. You must use this ability to restore corrupted town areas so that more townsfolk will spawn.

The Townsfolk

These are the townsfolk. You must protect them at all costs, including sucking them up and turning them into ammunition for your weapon!

The Enemy

These are your enemy. They will run around and try to stomp on your villager friends. You cannot let this happen! As they move around and stomp they will also corrupt the ground around the towns, preventing new villagers from spawning. If you want to survive, you have to keep the towns healthy!

Spawning New Townsfolk

The areas with houses are where new townsfolk will spawn, as long as the ground is a healthy, inky black! You must shoot the ground in these areas in order to restore them and allow new spawns. If the ground is orange, nothing will spawn.


Movement: WASD

Aim: Mouse

Shoot: Left Click

Vacuum: Right Click

Mute the background music: M


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