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the game doesn't load, any ideas for why this might happen?

I'm afraid not. Make sure you're running it in a modern browser (chrome/firefox), and that you're not blocking something important.


Holy s**t the sound design in this is SO SO SO good! The mood is just lifted to something else! 

Thanks so much for checking this out Sean! I just now saw your response and it made my evening :)


The game is great and it looks beautiful, but what fantastic music! Would be great to know who was the composer.

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I'm not sure why it doesn't show on this page, but the composer is my good friend @quillenink. Thanks for the kind words!

EDIT: Ah, it's hidden under the "More Information" tab!




Great game


Great game, well done


Oh this is just beautiful.  I could easily see a full game made out of this.


The story in this game really draws you in and makes you want to keep playing. I love it.


Fantastic concept, and really well made.


I love the art and the concept is cool I enjoyed the puzzels too.